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Biomeme Visits Oberlin College

Last week Biomeme’s own Ryan Ragland Ph.D. returned to his alma mater to share the Biomeme platform with faculty and students at Oberlin College. Located in Oberlin, Ohio the college has a proud tradition of producing accomplished scientists. In fact, Since 1920, more Oberlin graduates have earned PhDs in the sciences and engineering than have graduates of any other liberal arts college in America.[1]

Professor Mary Garvin and Dr. Ragland lead a lab where students were able to run a test using the Biomeme two3

Over the course of his time at the college, Ryan had the chance to give a presentation about the Biomeme platform, lead a lab with Professor Mary Garvin where students were able to run a test using Biomeme’s Tick Panel, and provide a detailed walk-through of Biomeme’s Developer Program. (The Developer Program is designed to help faculty and researchers achieve their research goals.)

Ryan Ragland Ph.D. speaking to faculty and students.

People were very impressed with the Biomeme’s technology, holding the two3 really drives home just how lightweight and portable the system is. Said one member of the faculty, “What a treat for us to have you here last week!  Students and faculty alike were all a-buzz about your seminar and your work with the students.”

Oberlin College students talk with professor Mary Garvin while preparing to use the Biomeme two3

Dr. Ragland and Oberlin College students pose with the Biomeme two3.

Dr. Ragland took his Biomeme two3 on a tour of the campus.

We here at Biomeme are really grateful that the university and Dr. Garvin gave us the opportunity to visit. When asked what it was like going back to visit Oberlin, Ryan answered, “I love that campus and it was really fun to be there.” If you would be interested in having Dr. Ragland or another member of the Biomeme team visit your college or university get in touch with us at
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