WCS to Present Newly Developed Biomeme Test Kits at ZACC Conference

On Friday, Jan 26th, 2018 Tracie Seimon, Ph.D. will give a presentation at ZACC (Zoo and Aquarium committing to conservation) in Jacksonville Florida on the new Biomeme test kits her team has developed. ZACC brings together zoo and aquarium professionals from all departments and field conservationists from around the world for a 5-day event filled with animal and plant conservation, collaboration, motivation, and fun. Dr. Seimon is a Molecular Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Zoological Health Program.  WCS mission is to save wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature. They have set the bar for science, conservation action, and education in the pursuit of conservation for over a century.  Dr. Seimon and her colleagues will give a presentation on the Biomeme kits WCS is developing. The talk is entitled “Genetic Testing On-the-go: Developing Field Applications for Handheld Molecular Technology as Conservation Tools”   

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