Biomeme, Inc. and INDICAL BIOSCIENCE Bring Mobile PCR Solutions to Animal Health & Food Production Sectors Through Exclusive Partnership

Biomeme, Inc. and INDICAL BIOSCIENCE announced on Wednesday that they have entered into an exclusive global licensing and research agreement in a joint effort to improve animal health globally. Biomeme has been primarily developing advanced mobile PCR detection technology for biothreat and environmental surveillance over the last six years. This partnership reinforces their role in these respective fields while further extending their end-to-end mobile PCR technology into the animal health and animal protein production spaces.

INDICAL, formerly QIAGEN’s veterinary diagnostic business, and a leader in advanced testing systems for safe, reliable identification of pathogens in poultry and livestock, will immediately adapt Biomeme’s molecular point-of-need testing technology for its veterinary and animal protein production customers.

Read Biomeme’s full press release here.

Read INDICAL’s full press release here.

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