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We are Biomeme: DNA testing made mobile
End-to-end solutions for PCR diagnostics

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Our Platform

We make an end-to-end mobile platform allowing anyone, anywhere to test DNA and RNA using lab-grade molecular techniques. From sample collection to data management, our tools enable you to take real-time PCR everywhere you need it.


1-Minute Field Prep Extraction

Extract DNA or RNA from most sample types in the field with our shelf-stable disposable kits. No lab equipment or special training required.


Field Test Kits

Our shelf-stable test kits contain lyophilized master mix, primers and probes — everything you need to run a test. We have specific test kits for hundreds of targets of interest. No cold chain storage required.


Mobile Device

All the power of your bench-bound real-time PCR thermocycler in the palm of your hand. One pound, battery-powered, and able to perform PCR, RT-PCR and isothermal tests on par with gold standard lab equipment.


Data Portal

Visualize your results with real-time WiFi/cellular data syncing from multiple field devices and experiments. Integrate with external databases and develop new apps with our API.

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Test Faster - Test Smarter with the world’s smallest qPCR machine. We’re seeking assay developers, distributors, and strategic partners.

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We’re seeking assay developers, distributors, and strategic partners.



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