About Biomeme

With a strong history of innovation in the field of molecular detection, we are developing a range of novel solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the future of disease diagnosis and treatment.


Our Story

Biomeme was founded with the simple premise of empowering anyone, anywhere, to understand the biological world. Our groundbreaking mobile molecular testing platform has offered our clients elegant solutions to some very complex problems. And we’re leveraging our expert knowledge of Earth’s smallest life forms to address Earth’s biggest health challenges.

Our Leadership

Advanced biology and chemistry mastery. World-class engineering skills. Years of research and development expertise. A shared commitment to unlocking global health. 

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One Global Health Story at a Time

Read the stories behind the science to see how we’re monitoring and protecting global health.

How We’ve Risen to Meet Global Health Challenges

When people think about global health, they tend to think about far-flung locales and communities of people different...