Max Perelman

Co-Founder / President and Chief Executive Officer

Max Perelman is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Biomeme. Prior to founding Biomeme over 10 years ago, Max spent 15 years in a range of industries, including: environmental consulting and green building technology, eCommerce and enterprise systems development, and management consulting. After launching his career in San Francisco, Max lived in Asia for almost a decade, leading projects in Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, and Tokyo. He has a BA from Cornell University and an MBA/MAIEP from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.


Marc DeJohn

Co-Founder / Executive Vice President of Engineering

Marc DeJohn is the Executive Vice President of Engineering at Biomeme. Marc earned his MS in Electroanalytical Chemistry at the University of Iowa and his BS in Biology and Chemistry from St. Ambrose University. He has over 30 years of experience in Research and Development with an emphasis on small, portable technologies.



Jesse vanWestrienen

Co-Founder / Executive Vice President of Products

Jesse vanWestrienen is the Executive Vice President of Products at Biomeme. His skills include qRT-PCR assay development, prototyping of nucleic acid isolation devices, and lyophilization development. Jesse received his BS in Biology from the University of New Mexico and joined the Infectious Disease program at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute conducting research in high containment facilities on influenza virus and SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV). There, he managed the Institute's Nucleic Acid Isolation and Quantitative Real-Time PCR Core Laboratory to implement qRT-PCR into a range of research projects.


Senior Leadership

Karen Griffith Gryga

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Kovscek

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Tumolo

VP of Sales

Katie Edwards

VP of Quality and Regulatory

Etana Pizzo

Director of HR

Anthony Washington

Associate Director of Project Management