Complex challenges,
Elegant solutions

Biomeme offers simple, easy to use field-ready sample prep, shelf-stable tests, mobile PCR instruments, cloud software, and a web API. Biomeme is there – anywhere you need it.

Small Footprint. Huge Impact.

Designed in our world-class labs and tested with everything the world can throw at you, Biomeme delivers a diverse array of detection solutions across industries for better overall public health.

Backup for the Front Line

Protect and empower your troops with a decentralized lab that anyone can operate to obtain accurate results in minutes.


Uncommon Tech for the Common Good

Our innovative host response technology differentiates bacterial from viral infections in less than an hour. 

Ahead of the Curve. So you can Flatten It.

Real-time, decentralized testing is the key to disease surveillance and response. Since scaling up to meet COVID-19 testing needs, our precise, portable molecular detection solutions now rapidly and reliably detect a variety of pathogens.


Our System. Any Ecosystem.

For more than 10 years, we have developed, tested, and perfected field-ready devices and multiplex assays that enable you to get reliable and reproducible results–anytime, anywhere.

Wicked Problems. Tailored Solutions.

Partner with us to develop using Biomeme’s flexible, customizable solutions. We collaborate across industries to create innovative technologies, solve big problems, and improve global health.


Organizations that Rely on Our Products

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Empowering Precision Healthcare with Biomeme's HR-B/V Test

Biomeme pioneers a new era in healthcare with the HR-B/V platform. Our host response molecular testing, based on...

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