Host Response

Biomeme’s ultra-sensitive, highly accurate molecular detection technology makes host response an actionable and accessible diagnostic tool in the race against antibiotic misuse and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).


Revolutionizing Healthcare with Host Response

Our novel Host Response Test (HR-B/V) is the key to providing unparalleled sensitivity and reliability for providers differentiating between bacterial and viral infections.

Body Language Decoded

Our versatile platform is built to be the end-to-end molecular detection solution to help providers with their antibiotic stewardship strategies and quality initiatives.

Compact Design

Performs like an advanced lab–no special equipment required.


Simultaneously measure 23 mRNA targets to detect the host gene response signature.

actionable results
Actionable Results

Administered prior to prescribing antibiotics results in under an hour.

Decoding the Immune System

See how the human body’s genetically determined responses to whole categories of stressors enables diagnosticians to develop faster, more accurate diagnoses.  


Innovative Diagnostics Lead the Way

We are harnessing the potential of Host Response in diagnostics with our next-generation, automated Franklin ISP testing platform. Let’s examine what this new frontier means for providers and patients as we tackle, with data, the inappropriate use of antibiotics.*

Reduced Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics

Our test aspires to reduce antibiotic overuse and prevent antimicrobial resistance by helping healthcare providers distinguish accurately between bacterial and viral infections.

Rapid Results

Providers can make informed treatment decisions quickly and with confidence as we aim to deliver results in less than an hour.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Accurate diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections can improve patient outcomes by enabling appropriate treatment to be prescribed. 

Accessible Testing

Our Franklin ISP thermocycler and mobile app enable testing to be performed at the point-of-need or in central labs, making testing accessible in various settings.

Novel Solution

Leveraging machine learning and host biology, our test offers a novel solution for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of infectious diseases, opening a new frontier in diagnostics.

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Empowering Precision Healthcare with Biomeme's HR-B/V Test

Biomeme pioneers a new era in healthcare with the HR-B/V platform. Our host response molecular testing, based on...

*Biomeme's HR-B/V Test is currently under development and is not approved/cleared by the FDA.

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