Pandemic Preparedness

More breakthroughs today; fewer outbreaks tomorrow. Our cutting-edge diagnostic technology and real-time disease surveillance solutions are empowering our clients and collaborators to prepare for the next pandemic.


The first line of defense. You shouldn’t need a last line.

We understand the critical importance of rapid and accurate testing for controlling the spread of viruses and protecting global health. Our user-friendly and ultra-portable platform can be used in a variety of settings to help avoid the need for drastic measures, such as lockdowns and quarantines, which have significant economic and social impacts. 

Key Benefits

The speed, accuracy, and sensitivity of our real-time PCR and isothermal molecular tests and fully-automated mobile platforms provides reliable results and peace of mind when health and safety are paramount.


our Assays

Listeria_Salmonella_Infectious_Disease Listeria & Salmonella
E_Coli_Infectious_Disease E. coli
E_Faecalis_Infectious_Disease E. faecalis panel
SARS_CoV_2_Infectious_Disease SARS-CoV-2
STI_Infectious_Disease STI Panel 2.0
Respiratory_Infectious_Disease Respiratory Panel 2.0
Biowarfare_Infectious_Disease Biowarfare Agent Identification
Host_Response_Infectious_Disease Host Response Bacterial / Viral

Preventing the Next Pandemic

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we received one of the first FDA emergency use authorizations. We manufactured and shipped thousands of thermocyclers and millions of tests. Our testing services subsidiary expanded from one CLIA high-complexity lab and one employee in one city to four CLIA high-complexity labs and 350 employees across eight major cities. COVID-19 accelerated the deployment of our vision for decentralized diagnostics and real-time disease surveillance. And we will use the lessons we learned and the technologies we developed to prepare for and contain the next global health emergency.

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