From protecting global health to preparing for the next pandemic, our groundbreaking molecular testing platforms and products are essential equipment for field researchers in any ecosystem across the planet.


A Mobile Lab in Your Pocket

Equip yourself with powerful tools that can handle any research challenge. Our platforms allow you to analyze various sample types for multiple targets with ease, no matter where you are. Experience unmatched speed, sensitivity, and reliability that redefines what’s possible in the field.

Transforming Field Research, One Test at a Time

Bring your research into the field–our versatile, fully mobile lab goes to any sample site with ease. Researchers use Biomeme's deployable system for rapid, gold standard detection and quantification across various matrices and environmental settings.

aquatic ecology
Aquatic Ecology

Rapid detection and response for when every minute matters

vector surveillance
Vector Surveillance

Get reliable, actionable results in real-time 

enviro health
Environmental Health

Versatile, sensitive tests save time, money, and labor

Key Benefits

Field-friendly for the unfriendliest conditions, our fully mobile, easy to use products and platforms provide rapid results that you can trust every time.


our Assays

Listeria_Salmonella_Researchers Listeria & Salmonella
E_Coli_Researchers E. coli
E_Faecalis_Researchers E. faecalis panel
SARS_CoV_2_Researchers SARS-CoV-2
STI_Researchers STI Panel 2.0
Respiratory_Researchers Respiratory Panel 2.0
Biowarfare_Researchers Biowarfare Agent Identification
Host_Response_Researchers Host Response Bacterial / Viral
Listeria & Salmonella

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Leadership Notes: Biomeme's Next Generation Platform

After 15 years working in molecular diagnostics, I know how far the science has come and who is doing what in this...

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