Operational Excellence in CBRN Threat Detection

Maintain CBRN readiness with Biomeme’s fully automated, ultra-portable Biowarfare Identification platform. This user-friendly product suite includes our Franklin® ISP, a portable qPCR device for rapid field analysis, our Biological Warfare Panel for simultaneous detention of multiple bio-agents, our Simulant and Training Panels for operational readiness, and our Verification Kit to ensure proper device operation in any clime or place.

Franklin ISP Glamour Shot2

Franklin® ISP

SKU: 1000009

Offering CBRN professionals the capability for multiplexed real-time detection, identifying up to 14 bio-agents (25 gene targets and 2 controls) from just one sample. The Biomeme Franklin® ISP delivers lab-grade confirmatory results directly in the field without the need for specialized lab equipment or extensive training.

Backed by a 1-year standard warranty to ensure your satisfaction and device performance. For those seeking additional protection and service, we offer an extended warranty (SKU: 1000032R) and on-site training (SKU: 80000002) to enhance your experience and maximize device utility.

Our Field-Friendly
& Shelf-Stable Tests

ISP BW Panel

Biowarfare (BW) Panel

SKU: 3000652R

Elevate your defense capabilities with Biomeme's Biowarfare Panel, engineered for the detection and differentiation of 14 critical biowarfare agents. Funded by the US DOD JPEO-CBRND, this RT-PCR panel is your frontline tool in biodefense, offering comprehensive analysis with single-use cartridges. Each cartridge is prepped with all necessary multiplexed molecular assay components, featuring shelf-stable lyophilized reagents for logistical simplicity and operational efficiency in the field.

ISP BW Simulant Panel

BW Simulant Panel

SKU: 3000141

Designed for realistic training exercises utilizing actual biowarfare agent simulants. Detecting three common biowarfare simulant organisms, this panel provides an authentic experience for responders, enhancing preparedness without the risk of handling actual biothreats. Like the Biowarfare Panel, it uses single-use test cartridges with all essential multiplexed molecular assay components, including shelf-stable lyophilized reagents, ensuring readiness in detection exercises.

ISP BW Training Panel

BW Training Panel

SKU: 3000514

Enhance your proficiency with Biomeme’s BW Training Panel, a crucial tool designed for mastering test sampling and execution techniques. This single-use, mock test cartridge mirrors the functionality of real test cartridges without the cost of actual reagents, providing hands-on experience for realistic scenario training. Ideal for ensuring operational readiness and accuracy in biowarfare agent detection efforts.

ISP Verification Panel

Franklin® ISP Verification Kit

SKU: 3000632R

Validate your Franklin® ISP's precision with Biomeme's Franklin® ISP Verification Kit. Designed for straightforward performance checks, this kit has everything you need to verify your instrument's functionality and readiness for biowarfare agent detection. It enables a simple and efficient verification process, delivering clear pass/fail results to maintain detection accuracy and reliability. Ideal for routine assessment.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Our field-friendly products were designed for the unfriendliest conditions. We stand behind everything we make. And we make everything right here at our HQ in Philadelphia, PA. Our labs, testing, and manufacturing are all on site, affording complete oversight.

How Biomeme Stacks Up

Compared to the BioFire Razor® Mk II Detection System, Biomeme's Franklin® ISP Platform distinguishes itself by being a third lighter and less than half the size, offering enhanced efficiency with the ability to detect twice as many targets, requiring no preliminary sample preparation, and delivering confirmatory results.





Franklin three9 ISP



Chemistry Compatibility

Real-Time PCR, Isothermal

Real-Time PCR

Real-Time PCR


4.3 lbs

11 lbs

20 lbs


132 mm H x 187 mm W x 117 mm D

289 mm H x 645 mm W x 482 mm D

254 mm H x 393 mm W x 165 mm D

User Interface

Mobile App

PC + Barcode Scanner

PC + Barcode Scanner

System Control & Data Transfer

Wireless (BLE) or Wired



Integrated Sample Prep

Max Samples per Run




Max Targets per Run




Battery Operated

Battery Life

6 hrs

3 hrs

Operate While Charging

Test Kit Shelf Life

12 months (From Manufacture)

6 months

6 months

Ready to enhance your biothreat preparedness?


At The Forefront of Biodefense

The United States' most distinguished military forces depend on Biomeme's advanced molecular detection solutions for critical testing needs. Our system plays a crucial role in two key Department of Defense Programs of Record, the Joint Handheld Bio-Agent Identifier (JHBI) and the Joint Biological Tactical Detection System (JBTDS).

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