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At Biomeme we make things. We make hardware; we work with biological organisms; we hack smartphones. We’re looking for passionate people who are skilled with their hands and have impeccable attention to detail. You should be a fast learner and not afraid of tackling challenges both big and small. No task is above or below your pay grade.

Biomeme is as interdisciplinary as it gets. We combine rigorous biology and chemistry with best-in-class hardware and software engineering. It’s all wrapped up in sublime user design, with the goal of helping our customers enact real-world change. Guided by data and a belief in the iterative process, we develop elegant solutions to complex problems that demand precision.

Our partners and customers span a wide range of industries across the US, Latin America, Africa and Europe. We’ve got great traction in health: we’re testing for STD’s in Philadelphia, Malaria and Ebola virus in Africa, Avian Influenza in Europe, veterinary targets in the Andes and Lyme disease in the US. Outside of health, we have partners in industrial water monitoring, aquaculture, agriculture, conservation biology and more. High school students are testing for mislabeled sushi. Quantified Selfers are tracking their microbiome. Everyday users are even testing their own DNA for genetic markers.

We also recently began work on a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with the US Government. It’s a good time to come onboard.

Current Openings

Technical Sales / Business Development

To be considered for this position please fill out the application located in the attached.

Technical Sales / Business Development

Your Purpose:
As a Technical Sales / Business Development, you work alongside molecular biologists, software engineers, and visionary medical technologists in a dynamic environment. You participate in the daily activities of the Sales & Marketing team: you listen to partners, clients, and prospects to creatively troubleshoot and solve their unique challenges; and, when appropriate, you help configure and deploy the Biomeme product & service solutions to address their real-world problems. You are part of the Biomeme internal team whose primary focus is to tease out, develop, and implement the right-size solutions for our clients’ novel use-cases. Also, you take the lead to prospect potential customers, shepherd them through the Biomeme sales process, and convert these relationships into long-standing partnerships.

Manufacturing/Assembly Technician

To apply for this position please complete the following link

-Identify and troubleshoot process, material, or equipment problems to minimize down time and recommend solutions to Manufacturing Engineering.
-Develop, assemble, procure or modify existing and new tooling, fixtures, and equipment to ensure efficient production methods.
-Complete time studies to quantify processing times and identify areas for process improvements.
-Assist with hands on training of manufacturing employees on new products, tooling, equipment and process revisions.
-Schedule, complete, and document routine maintenance on applicable manufacturing and test equipment.
-Read schematics, assembly drawings, data sheets, and process sheets to perform testing, build fixtures, checkout and trouble-shoot equipment.
-Assist in failure analysis, troubleshooting, rework/repair of non-conforming manufactured product to determine root cause.
-Promote and support Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement activities in Manufacturing.
-Comply with policies, guidelines and regulatory requirements per the Biomeme Quality System.
-Supports periodic volume increases through testing of production product following applicable processes and procedures.

Office Administrator

To be considered for this position please follow the steps located in the attached link

Biomeme Inc is looking for an Office Administrator to join our team! Your responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to: – Filing: managing our paper filing as well as our various share drives – Bookkeeping: maintaining standard operating procedures, overseeing business expense reimbursement, managing invoices and bills, payments, etc. – Shipping & Receiving: receive shipments, manage upcoming shipments, package shipments and coordinate with shipping companies, handle customs and import/export – Inventory: Manage product inventory available for sale. Manage systems on loan. – Office maintenance: manage cleaning vendor, tidy up office in between cleanings, maintain stock of office supplies – Events: coordinate special events such as happy hours and staff birthdays – Marketing Support: support marketing team with conferences, collateral, business cards, etc.

While you should be methodical and predictable, we are a startup, so you should be OK with a lack of clarity, frequent confusion, and a high level of general craziness.

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