Developer Program

For research & development laboratories with assays to use on our system or research professionals looking to take their projects into the field and beyond, we offer an open platform for quick on-site real-time PCR.

You bring the primers; we’ll bring the master mix.

Apply here

Apply to be a developer

We're excited to welcome you to the Biomeme community.

As part of the Biomeme Developer Kit, we offer:

  • Discounted sample prep, consumables and reagents
  • Early access to and discounts on our custom lyophilized master mix for DNA and RNA
  • Product specifications, performance data and FAQs
  • Assigned contact within Biomeme for your support questions


1. Order our sample prep technology.
2. Try it out on your samples.
3. Compare our mobile thermocycler with your lab-bound machine.
4. We kit your assay into a lyophilized, field-ready strip.
5. Your assay is sold all over the world.
6. You earn $$$.


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