Defending Our Nation

Tailored solutions for every level of government & military.

Biomeme's advanced molecular detection technology offers specialized solutions for the unique needs of Federal Agencies, State & Local Authorities, and Military. Our platform provides critical support in the rapid detection and identification of biological warfare agents, ensuring readiness and enhancing CBRN defense capabilities across all branches of government and military operations.

Military Applications2

Military Applications

Biomeme aids the armed forces with robust, field-deployable biowarfare defense technology, ensuring unmatched readiness and protection against biological warfare agents.

rapid deployment3
Rapid Deployment Capabilities

Deploy our compact, field-ready testing units anywhere, globally, ensuring swift, decisive action and effective containment of biowarfare agents.

advanced detection3
Advanced Detection Technology

Utilize cutting-edge molecular detection for accurate, timely identification of threats, keeping forces safe in any environment.

integrated training3
Integrated Training & Support

Benefit from comprehensive training programs and support, ensuring your team is always prepared and equipped.

State + Local Authorities2

State & Local Authorities

In an era where readiness and rapid response can save lives, our technology empowers First Responders with the tools to detect and prepare for biological threats, ensuring safety even in the most remote areas.

community safety3
Community Safety Assurance

Protect your community with fast, reliable biowarfare agent detection, ready for deployment in critical public areas.

first responders3
Ease of Use for First Responders

Empower your emergency teams with intuitive testing solutions, enabling immediate action in biological incidents.

scalable solutions3
Scalable Solutions for Any Situation

From urban centers to rural locales, our adaptable technology ensures you're ready to face biological threats of any scale.

Federal Agencies

Federal Agencies

Biomeme's tactical molecular testing solutions empower Federal Agencies by enabling advanced detection of biological warfare agents (BWAs), bolstering defense operations' safety and readiness against these CBRN threats.

high security3
High-Security Integration

Seamlessly integrate our testing platform with existing security systems, enhancing your biological defense framework.

precision reliability3
Precision & Reliability

Count on our precise molecular tests for definitive identification of BWAs, supporting informed decision-making and response.

nationwide coordination3
Nationwide Coordination Support

Facilitate coordination among federal entities, streamlining responses to national biological threats.