Biodefense Solutions

Next-Generation Biothreat Detection
and Identification

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At Biomeme, we understand the critical importance of rapid, accurate, and field-deployable biowarfare agent detection for military readiness and national security. Funded by JPEO-CBRND, our state-of-the-art platform represents a quantum leap in biodefense technology, offering unmatched capabilities that set new standards in threat identification and situational awareness.

Why Biomeme is a Game-Changer
for Military Applications

Rapid Deployment & Ease of Use2

Rapid Deployment
& Ease of Use

Our system is engineered for the frontline, with intuitive operation that requires minimal training. Deployable within minutes, it ensures that military units can swiftly adapt to emerging threats, maintaining operational tempo and strategic advantage.

Unparalleled Accuracy & Multi-Agent Detection2

Unparalleled Accuracy
& Multi-Agent Detection

Capable of accurately detecting and differentiating a wide range of biothreat agents simultaneously, reducing false positives and sharpening decision-making. It sets new industry benchmarks for speed from sample collection to actionable insights.

Durability & Reliability in Harsh Environments2

Durability & Reliability
in Harsh Environments

Built to withstand the rigors of military operations, our devices are compact, rugged, and capable of functioning in threatening environments, ensuring reliability when it matters most. Precision detection and identification in field conditions.

Secure & Reliable2

Secure & Reliable

Designed with security protocols to ensure data integrity and confidentiality in sensitive operations, our platform facilitates real-time data sharing and coordination across units, enhancing collective response and strategic planning in crisis situations.

Military Challenges We Solve

advanced detection3
Threat Detection
& Response

Swift identification and precise threat insight enable decisive action, safeguarding personnel and ensuring military readiness in facing CBRN challenges.

first responders3
& Force Safety

Continued operations in hazardous zones and the protection of forces are central to our approach, emphasizing resilience and safety against CBRN threats.

nationwide coordination3
Unified Response

Fostering interoperability and joint tactics, we ensure effective CBRN defense and response strategies among allied military units.

Essential Support 

Biomeme's role in Military CBRN readiness extends beyond initial deployment, ensuring lasting support for defense operations.

Comprehensive Readiness Training

Our comprehensive training programs are designed for rapid mastery of our testing systems, ensuring readiness and competence in the face of biothreats.

Uninterrupted Operational Support

We provide robust support and a logistics framework to ensure your operational capability remains uninterrupted, keeping your missions on track.

Efficient Cost Management

Our solutions are crafted for maximum impact and efficiency, smartly aligning with military budgeting constraints to deliver value without compromise.

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The Future of Military Applications

Looking ahead, Biomeme is committed to continuous innovation and collaboration with defense research institutions, driving advancements in biodefense capabilities and supporting our military partners in safeguarding national and global security.