Public Safety

Advanced, rapid detection for immediate response
to State & Local biological threats.

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Biomeme recognizes the essential role of rapid, accurate biowarfare agent detection in safeguarding communities. Tailored for state and local authorities, our cutting-edge platform delivers immediate, reliable results, enabling HAZMAT & First Responders to make quick decisions in response to public health threats.

Why Biomeme is Essential for
State & Local Authorities

Unmatched Speed to Action

Speed to Action

Surpasses industry standards with the fastest route from sample collection to actionable insights, ensuring quicker response to public health threats.

Unparalleled Accuracy & Multi-Agent Detection2

Unparalleled Accuracy
& Multi-Agent Detection

Confirmatory identification capable of detecting & differentiating a wide range of biothreat agents simultaneously, reducing false positives and enhancing trust in emergency response efforts. 

User Friendly Operation


Designed with the end-user in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces and simplified processes that require minimal training, making advanced testing accessible to all emergency responders.

Cost Effective Deployment


Provides a more economical solution for state and local budgets, offering lower total cost of ownership without compromising on quality or performance.

Challenges We Address for
State & Local Authorities

advanced detection3
Rapid Biothreat Response

Our advanced technology accelerates biothreat identification, enabling immediate containment actions to limit public exposure and ensure safety.

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Enhanced First Response

Equipping first responders with state-of-the-art detection tools, we bolster community defense, prevent panic, and safeguard public health.

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Streamlined Incident Command

Our solutions streamline biological incident management, enhancing response coordination and reducing impacts on community services and public well-being.

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Community Safeguarding

With our early detection technologies, first responders gain a crucial edge in protecting communities, mitigating panic, and upholding public health and safety.

Essential Support

Biomeme's role in safeguarding communities extends beyond initial deployment, ensuring lasting support for biothreat identification.

Targeted Training Programs

We offer specialized training to ensure public safety personnel are fully equipped to utilize our detection systems effectively in the field.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated support team provides ongoing assistance and maintenance to ensure operational readiness at all times.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Understanding budgetary constraints, Biomeme delivers cost-effective biodefense solutions without compromising quality or efficiency.

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Biomeme Defense_The Future of Biodefense2

The Future of Biodefense for State & Local Authorities

Looking forward, Biomeme is dedicated to ongoing innovation and partnerships with public safety agencies, advancing our shared mission of protecting communities and enhancing public health security.