Originally developed for the US Government, our lab quality technology empowers anyone, anywhere to perform real-time surveillance and field-forward detection. 


Mobile Testing Designed for the Front Lines

Maintain CBRN readiness with Biomeme’s fully automated, ulta-portable platform. End-to-end mobile DNA/RNA testing solutions for your Biowarfare Agent Identification, Infectious Disease, Industrial Hygiene, and Environmental Health CONOPS.

Key Benefits

Our versatile, easy-to-use products and platforms rapidly detect biosecurity concerns, providing real-time target confirmatory identification that you can trust every time.

SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit

our Assays

Listeria_Salmonella_Defense Listeria & Salmonella
E_Coli_Defense E. coli
E_Faecalis_Defense E. faecalis panel
SARS_CoV_2_Defense SARS-CoV-2
STI_Defense STI Panel 2.0
Respiratory_Defense Respiratory Panel 2.0
Biowarfare_Defense Biowarfare Agent Identification
Host_Response_Defense Host Response Bacterial / Viral


Biomeme’s fully automated mobile lab offers end-to-end solutions for advanced DNA/RNA detection, real-time surveillance, and field-forward detection, so you can maintain CBRN readiness in any clime or place.


CBRN Defense

Our highly multiplexed Biowarfare Agent Identification Panel detects and differentiates 14 biowarfare agents to protect allied forces against major agents of biosecurity concern. This test, combined with our Franklin ISP thermocycler, helps determine which areas are contaminated by which type of CBRN bio-agent(s) in about an hour.

Learn how our system can rapidly detect and differentiate between CBRN agents to protect against biosecurity concerns.

Infectious Disease

We strive to meet the demands of a continuously changing world with cutting-edge decentralized detection, real-time disease surveillance, and pandemic response. 

Our infectious disease solutions help identify pathogens, viruses, and other diseases.*


Vector Surveillance

Our mobile diagnostic solutions help identify pathogens, viruses, and other vector-borne diseases for rapid outbreak response and countermeasure development. 

Environmental Health & Industrial Hygiene

Our platform can provide solutions for your Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene (EH/IH) needs. Our EH/IH assays include a food/water-borne pathogen panel that detects 21 bacteria, parasites, and viruses found in food, environmental and drinking water sources. 


Biomeme on the Front Lines

The landscape of modern warfare is undergoing rapid transformation. This evolution demands preparedness not only...

*Biomeme has an existing FDA emergency use authorized (EUA) in-vitro diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 that is for use on their Franklin instrument and common high throughput 96-well platforms. See Pandemic Preparedness.

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Biomeme's Franklin ISP platform provides you with a field-forward, hand-held, small footprint, decentralized molecular lab with multiplex real-time target confirmatory identification in every clime and place.