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Protecting those who protect us with cutting-edge biowarfare agent detection and identification solutions.


Portable, Precise, Prepared

A compact, state-of-the art, portable qPCR device designed for rapid and accurate biowarfare agent detection and identification anywhere.

ISP_Device Lineup Franklin ISP Glamour Shot2
ISP BW Panel

BioWarfare Panel

A comprehensive, rapid detection kit designed for identifying multiple biowarfare agents simultaneously, ensuring precise field detection in critical defense scenarios.

ISP Simulant Panel

Simulant Panel

Designed for practical training, this panel offers hands-on experience in identifying biowarfare simulants, ensuring teams can accurately detect threats and apply their skills in real situations.

ISP BW Training Panel

Training Panel

A specialized training kit for simulating the detection of biowarfare agents, designed to enhance readiness and operational proficiency in bio-threat identification and management.

ISP Verification Panel

Franklin® ISP Verification Kit

A quality control kit for the Franklin® ISP, confirming the instrument is operating accurately and reliably with unparalleled precision.


Solutions by Sector

Biomeme is at the forefront of pioneering CBRN defense solutions, working hand-in-hand with the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop nextgen biowarfare agent identification technologies. Our strategic partnerships have led to the creation of tools that are essential in safeguarding military personnel and civilian populations against biological threats. By integrating our innovative technologies with the DoD’s expertise, we’re able to deliver solutions that are not just advanced, but also critical in life-saving missions across the globe.

Military Applications

Fortifying military capabilities with durable, state-of-the-art biowarfare agent identification systems for field operations.

State & Local Authorities

Bolstering community defense with specialized bio-threat detection and rapid response capabilities for HAZMAT & First Responders.

Federal Agencies

Elevating national defense with advanced biowarfare agent identification technology for critical operations.


At The Forefront of Biodefense

America's elite military units have supported the development of Biomeme's advanced molecular detection solutions. Our technology is integral to Department of Defense Programs of Record, including the Joint Handheld Bio-Agent Identifier (JHBI) and the Joint Biological Tactical Detection System (JBTDS).

About Us

Our leadership team is at the heart of our mission to redefine excellence in the biowarfare defense industry. Alongside our esteemed partners and distributors, we are setting a new standard for excellence and distinguishing ourselves from the competition. Our collaboration with these trusted organizations extends our reach, supporting Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense readiness across all levels of government and military operations.

  • Safeware
  • Nous Electronics & Biosecurity One (NEBO)
  • Paladin Defense Services
  • Government Scientific Source (GSS)
  • FarrWest Environmental Supply
  • HAZMAT Resource
  • M2DCON
  • ADS

Biomeme on the Front Lines

The landscape of modern warfare is undergoing rapid transformation. This evolution demands preparedness not only...

Defense Training & Support

For assistance and detailed guidance on utilizing Biomeme's defense-oriented solutions, direct your inquiries to our support team. They're ready to provide the help you need.